Maintaining Roads and Drainage

Roads & Drainage

Roads and drainage system are a vital component of the community. In the case of the former, it guarantees the transportation of individuals from one place to another. On the other hand, with the latter, it ensures the effective disposal of waste that keeps the community in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, these systems do not last forever. Instead, they experience wear and tear now and then. In turn, it becomes necessary for these roads and drainage systems to get the necessary and required maintenance.

Road Maintenance and Development

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberly remains responsible for ensuring that we necessary maintenance get carried out within the municipality. They ensure that the roads experiencing wear and tear get rehabilitated for optimal performance again. They also engage in the development of roads within the community. This is to ensure that everyone enjoys the best road experience. Also, this development extends to gravel roads beyond the build-up segment and laneways. It covers the whole road network that covers sealed roads of 214 kilometres and gravel sheeted and formed roads of 1115 kilometres. These roads exist within Shire’s eastern half. The maintenance activities comprise of a wide range of actions. This includes the maintenance of footpaths and kerbing, crossovers, street trees, paving, and development and activities. In some cases, it also involves controlling weed on verges and thoroughfares. Note that the funding of these activities emerges from Shire rates and State Government grants. The goal is to maximise this fund to provide a better living condition for members of the municipality. Also, all road maintenance activities require the approval of the Council. Precisely, it is necessary that the Council provides its approval before any development activity can occur. This is to ensure that the road specifications provided by the Council get maintained in every roadwork.

Drainage Construction & Maintenance

This involves the maintenance of the drainage systems within our community. In most cases, this also extends to rectifying existing drainage issues that plague members of the Kununurra community. Also, it can involve the re-profiling and clearing of existing drainage. This program also requires the prior approval of the Council. Similarly, it depends on the available support and funding.

Road Signage

There are various projects to ensure that signs get erected and attached to the road or property. However, as with other projects, this requires the prior approval of the Council. The various signs that local laws within Kununurra require prior approval includes:

  • Bill posting
  • Pylon signs
  • Veranda signs
  • Wall panels
  • Flag signs (pennons)
  • Illuminated signs
  • Free Standing signs 

However, note that some signs remain exempted from the request for permission. You can find these signs listed under the appropriate Planning Schemes. 

Street Lighting

The various lights within Kununurra operate within an agreement between the Horizon Power and the Shier Wyndham East Kimberly. Under this agreement, Horizon Power must take active steps to complete the repairs of faulty streetlights inside five working days. 

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