Environmental Health in Kununurra


The National Health Strategy defines the term ‘Environmental Health’ as being about creating and maintaining environments which promote good health. The subject of environmental health is quite wide, and it encompasses several parts of the daily lives of human beings. Its essence is to mitigate risks that emerge from the physical environment and that are harmful to the public. According to the WHO, healthier environments will help prevent the global number of diseases as much as one-quarter. Thus, WHO posits that clean air, a stable climate, hygiene and sanitation, adequate water, safe utilisation of chemicals, are necessary for good health. This is also the case with safety from radiation, safe and healthy workplaces, health-supportive towns and built regions, sound agricultural practices, , and a preserved nature. All of this underscores the importance of environmental health. And, of course, justifies why the subject of environmental health is taken so seriously in the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberly, of which the community of Kununurra is apart. The Shire provides comprehensive information on several health issues as well as guidelines and regulation to make the community of Kununurra and the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberly at large, a safer place for people. A few of the areas where environmental health gets prioritised within the Shire are as follows:


Food businesses within the Shire are routinely inspected by Environmental Health Officers whose function is to ensure that these businesses are compliant with Food Safety Standards and laws like Food Regulations 2009 and the Food Act 2008. This way, hygiene requirements gets maintained. The frequency of inspection gets determined by factors like risk determination, food type and previous inspection results. Similarly, the opening of food business within the region of the Shire requires that owners follow strict processes for registration. Even temporal food stallers are required to seek approval from Environmental Health Officers before starting such business. Approval remains tied to the satisfaction of certain minimum standards. Furthermore, food products within the Shire remain mandated to get labelled in line with the Food Standards Code. You can also lodge complaints concerning the hygiene and maintenance standards of food businesses through set channels. Also, local food businesses get free access to an online food safety training program that enables food handlers to acquire valuable skills concerning food safety.


Places like hotels, motels, lodging houses, bed and breakfast accommodation, caravan parks, camping grounds and other types of public accommodation places are areas where public health could get easily jeopardised by unhealthy hygiene and maintenance standards. As such, the Shire ensures such public accommodation premises remain thoroughly inspected.
Places that provide accommodation to the public are mandated to be licensed and registered with the government. Such licenses get renewed on an annual basis.


Smoking has emerged as a health hazard, not just to the smokers themselves but also to people around them through secondhand smoke inhalation. This evident environmental health hazard is properly addressed in the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley as smoking in enclosed public places is prohibited.
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