The Council in Kununurra


Why the Local Government is Important

Government is the defining feature of any human society. In any place on the planet, no matter how small, there has to exist some form of leadership structure. This is important because leaderless societies find it difficult to bond together effectively.

More than the dangers which are posed from the outside, they are at even dire risk of an explosion from within. Disputes fester and are resolved by the fist and pure instinct; self-interest is allowed to reign as a motive for getting things done and development wise, there will be nothing to look to as being significant.

Conversely, however, the institution of governance is a recipe for an ideal society. It makes for peace and tranquillity, which in turn ensure that society can grow as one. The sense of security is higher; there is a closer and more progressive relationship existing across chains of social interaction. 

In decades past, we have been able to perfect the model and structure of governance. The institution has evolved to conform to various emerging circumstances. So that no one is left out of the push towards development, governments blend in with the grassroots.

This guarantees a fair distribution of economic resources. It also makes leadership a democratised concept as people at the lower levels can initiate plans of their own. These plans, because they have emerged from the local community, reflect the prevailing situation of that particular people and equally forms the right posture to manage it. 


In Australia, particularly in the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, the local government is an institution critical to a spurt in our growth. It spearheads the development initiatives of the Shire in a way that facilitates well-being for the local people. The local government interacts at the most basic level of society with various interest groups.

Being an organ that obligated to the people, it is assigned to serve. It collates the opinions, thoughts and grievances of the community and formulates policies to address them. It is also that one tier in all the wide complex of the government that can provide statistics which tell the most basic tales of the community members.

To make the goal of working together to achieve more realisable, the local government takes into account the economic potentials of the locality. It uses this knowledge to organise the right flow of prospects that can advance the best interests of the place. Investment opportunities make the first official contact with the community via the local government. The Council, in turn, dictates the dance moves to these prospects such that the lives of ordinary people are only impacted in the best way possible. 

In the Shire, the understanding of the Council that agriculture, tourism, and innovation are some of the community’s strongest suits help to orient efforts towards exploiting them. The agricultural landscape is assiduously examined to discover new growth potentials for the community.

To consistently maintaining the prowl for new opportunities, the Council similarly safeguards the future of young members of the community as they have a favourable setting to be welcomed into. Their bubbly creativities are carefully tapped into and channelled to initiate change. Furthermore, the community is put on the maps as an attractive destination for tourists. This is done by optimising the presentability of iconic locations in the area.

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