Getting to Know Us


Who Are We?

The Kununurra Community Library is an entity that serves as the cultural hub of Kununurra known as the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberly, providing excellent customer service as well as library programs that are relevant members of the community, students and visitors. We are located within the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley which is located in the northeast corner of Western Australia and covers an area of 121,000 km. The region is made up of towns like Wyndham and Kununurra as well as a few Aboriginal communities. The region boasts of several attractions such as the Kununurra Diversion Dam, Mirima National Park, Pentecost River, Zebedee Springs and so many more. Similarly, these attractions extend to various traditional events such as the Kununurra Rodeo, Kununurra Agricultural Show as well as Kununurra Races. Kununurra, the specific town the library is located, came into existence in the early 1960s and has grown into one of the most diverse and productive agricultural regions in Australia. The town is also exposed to areas like aquaculture, horticulture and eco-tourism. The Kununurra Community Library, thus, exists to promote the community’s culture, resources and harmony in various ways.

What Do We Do?

The Kununurra Community Library is involved in organising programs that generally promote the public good of the community as well as children’s services and planning illustrator and tourist events. In addition to this, Kununurra Community Library performs the function of enriching the lives of people by providing access to the recorded knowledge, information and ideas of the past and present in the Kununurra community for future uses. It takes various programs and initiatives also to help preserve this history and recorded knowledge, information and ideas, either through the maintenance of books or by preserving various other types of resources. The library also provides other necessary information that aid people in daily problem solving within the Kununurra community. In its designation as a community library, the Kununurra Community Library goes beyond the functions of a regular public library to provide information support for community development. This involves initiatives to preserve indigenous knowledge and cultural practices as well as participation in community planning processes. The library also engages in collaboration and partnership with key community stakeholders like the local government and other organisations. The Kununurra Community provides community information which is information on a variety of issues to facilitate the efficient use of the resources available to the community for community self-help as well as problem-solving.


Our mission is as follows:

To Serve as a Cultural Hub for the Kununurra Community

We aim to preserve, in various, forms the indigenous knowledge, ideas and practices of the Kununurra community. In addition to this, we aim to improve access and use of this information, thereby strengthening the traditional values of the Kununurra community. We also cover the various cultural events that still take place within the community and their significance.

To Facilitate Community Development

We aim to provide and improve access to information in the Kununurra community to help people raise the quality of their lives and solve day to day problems within the community.
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