Welcome to Our Community Library


The Kununurra Library is an entity that serves as the cultural hub of Kununurra. We are located in the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberly. We provide excellent customer service as well as library programs that are relevant to members of the community, students and visitors.

Our Concerns


In Australia, particularly in the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, the local government is an institution critical to a spurt in our growth. It spearheads the development initiatives of the Shire in a way that facilitates well-being for the local people. The local government interacts at the most basic level of society with various interest groups.


Concerning the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, it is the importance of our airports to growth that fuels our management of two airports. We manage the East Kimberley Regional Airport, which is on the Victoria Highway, Kununurra. It answers to normal passenger needs as it provides air services. It also offers charter to people who may desire to have aircraft for private purposes.


Constructing a new edifice goes further than a combination of necessary materials. It is a systematic process that requires deliberate action. Designs must be made to align with tastes just as the building must also serve the purpose it was erected for. However, buildings nowadays have evolved to become the defining features of regions and entire countries. They set a location apart from others in terms of how sophisticated they are and how they have been arranged. In that wise, it is crucial to consider the impacts of structures on the wider landscape concerning the roles we play.


The National Health Strategy defines the term ‘Environmental Health’ as being about creating and maintaining environments which promote good health. The subject of environmental health is quite wide, and it encompasses several parts of the daily lives of human beings. Its essence is to mitigate risks that emerge from the physical environment and that are harmful to the public.

Roads & Drainage

Roads and drainage system are a vital component of the community. In the case of the former, it guarantees the transportation of individuals from one place to another. On the other hand, with the latter, it ensures the effective disposal of waste that keeps the community in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, these systems do not last forever. Instead, they experience wear and tear now and then. In turn, it becomes necessary for these roads and drainage systems to get the necessary and required maintenance.

Baby Tree Program

The Baby Tree Program celebrates the coming of new life as an event to be marked in the earth. In our Shire, we make the birthday of children a communal affair that extends beyond families. We celebrate the new babies by planting a tree to commemorate their birth. This gets done every year. The names if these babies are written in a plaque and attached to the growth of one tree. It is our way to encourage environmental sustainability within our Shire.

Our Local Partners